Today Is Going To Be A Good Day

I find myself hopelessly awake in the early hours of the morning and rather than feel discouraged about my sleep situation I’m using this time to be rather productive in a silent house where the only sounds seem to be the clicking of keys as I type this and the faint snores of those who live with me. This is, contrary to many opinions, my favourite time of day. It’s nothing short of peaceful.

I’m not entirely certain why people dread the mornings so much. It seems like waking up early is embedded deep within us as human beings. Now, fellow adults, please don’t shoot me for saying this, but didn’t the majority of us jump at the chance to wake up early as children? Saturday morning cartoons, various holiday celebrations, just being awake for no particular reason; I suppose what I’m wondering is what changed? Is it that we learned to tell time and associate the early hours of the morning to be an ungodly blasphemy which mocks our sleep cycle just because it can? I don’t know, but for whatever reason I think it is silly.

At some point in our eyes we recognized and garnered an opinion of what is too early, but what we forget is that a day starts whenever one wakes up. The clock is a stationary yet constant guide.

I am a supporter of rising early. The day seems longer and holds much more potential when you do. Already I’ve done a fair bit of writing, made a few new graphics for various projects, and gotten a head start on birthday gifts this year. I’m feeling fantastic.

Next step is breakfast. I’m feeling ambitious. Maybe eggs benedict. Yes, I think that would be lovely.


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