Sometimes, All You Need Is… Love?

Now, I’d just like to clarify that the ellipsis in no way means that I hesitate on the importance of love or feeling love it’s just an expression of speech. No, actually I’ve been contemplating on whether or not romantic plots or sub plots need to be featured prominently in a story. I know that the logical answer is “of course it doesn’t” and yet it’s everywhere. Sometimes it just seems forced. Tension, now tension is fantastic in my opinion. That push and pull between characters, but does it have to always lead to something else?

This is just a moment of reflection. Nothing more. I look back on all the stories I’ve written and notice a difference in content between what I’ve written and other colleagues. That is all. So today I find myself posing the question: does there need to be a prominent romantic plot for people to read a story? I think I shall ponder on this a little longer.


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