From Cover To Cover

If there is one thing that I have learned over the process of writing Violent Skies it is that a story is organic and grows not in a linear sense but in a lateral one. What I mean by this of course is that as the story moves forward the world and lore surrounding it expands outward.

Urban Heroes was conceived because of a singular mention from Violent Skies (Androids), Gunmental Greys is no different (Spoilers).

The world is growing and I am super excited about it, and after much reflection I realized that as the writing continues there was growth not only in the world but also in the covers which were designed for it. So, in the spirit of celebrating the impending launch of Violent Skies, lets take a look at the various cover incarnations.

1 – The Deserted Country


In the beginning simplicity was key, or at least that was what was on my mind. In my ideal world of writing on Wattpad I would have left this blank for a while because concept covers rarely come to me pre-halfway through the story. Nevertheless, this placeholder has served its purpose and survived all through the initial writing and was only changed when the final chapter was posted.

2 – The Reaching Angel

violent skies 3y

Credit for this one goes 100% to Dani McRobbie. This is the permanent image tie in for the first draft and is an interpretation of a fairly heavy scene within the book itself. The colour scheme is one of my favourites and served as inspiration for the third and final edit.

3 – The City of St. Joseph’s

VS Front HC copy

Shortly after concluding the novel’s third draft I realized there was a style that had been developing within not only my writing but also with the direction this world was taking me in. The cover needed to match this style and this final iteration was conceived.

Violent Skies will be available September 2017. Please be sure to follow my author facebook page for more updates. It’s going to be a journey. A very fun one indeed.


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