What About Gunmetal Greys?

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With Violent Skies releasing in just over two weeks and Urban Heroes in the editing stages I thought that it was time to begin writing book 3 in the same universe. This one is a little different, and I’m going to tell you why.

Everyone has a genre that they’ve experienced before, maybe even thoroughly enjoyed, but cannot find a whole lot of content on. I’ve got a soft spot for old Hollywood Westerns, I’d even list the ‘Man With No Name’ as one of my favourite characters of all time, but as far as Westerns in recent years go there aren’t many. The ones I’ve seen in the last five years are gritty, gruesome, and while good they lack that little bit of fun that I had come to love.

To summarise a little and get rid of some rambling, Book 3 is going to be fun to write because two genres which are dear to my heart are going to meet in an epic stand off.

Gunmetal Greys is going to be a Sci Fi Western.

Same world and same rules apply. So what can you expect from this one?

  1. Same World Setting: The Twelve cities are still very present and essential to the story.
  2. Historic Events Will Be Explored: One of the main characters is known as The Chronicler; the one person in charge of accurately investigating what happened in the past. A lot of records were lost and he’s just trying to fill in some gaps.
  3. Gunfights: Absolutely.
  4. Will some old favourite characters return? I will neither confirm nor deny that.

Basically, at the end of the day it’s just going to be fun. I’m excited for where these characters are going to take us.

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