The Genre Life

I have had a fair bit of time to reflect on genres of writing and the quirks that come with them. This was, of course, brought on when I found a bunch of notebooks I wrote in when I was in high school. They were all ratty and worn, but then again what do you expect from something I used to cart around daily? Whilst reading through the almost torn pages I realised something that, for whatever reason, I hadn’t before.

 When I was thirteen, my writing genre of choice was horror.

Now, I’m not talking about Stephen King level horror, but horror nonetheless. There was always an inexplicable force, think curse or maybe a misunderstood spirit, causing a character some kind of grief. Looking back I seemed to have some form of fascination with ghosts.

Then came the year 2006. I had dumped my seemingly serious love for horror in exchange for a genre that I haven’t touched in about a decade: historical fiction.

Today I identify as a Science Fiction writer. It is my genre of choice and, while I dabbled in a couple of others here and there, it is always the one I come running back to. Urban Heroes is very Sci Fi. Probably the most Sci Fi work I have written. It’s hard to picture a young teenaged me writing about ghosts and the cold war.

The evolution of one’s writing is an interesting topic. I think I need to meditate on this further.


2 thoughts on “The Genre Life

  1. Interesting. I’ve always been drawn to romance writing, even before I knew what it was (my earliest efforts featured a lot of weddings). I still wobble in and out of science fiction and fantasy, never leaving either one altogether or for long.

    I can definitely see the darker/horror tones in your science fiction — it makes sense that you would have written horror as a younger writer.


    1. I wrote it a lot. Not just in my fiction, but in my poetry as well. Even had a little bit of a horror/historical fiction mash up going on. It’s quite interesting to look back into super early works and see the evolution of the writing.


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