It’s OK To Have Commitment Issues

Anyone who has ever spoken to me knows that I am not a fan of writing a “series” of books. At least not in the traditional sense. I’m not one to have commitment issues, but I do when it comes to books. Now I know what some of you might be thinking: “But you’re a writer that makes zero sense.” Please just hear me out. I have my reasons.

Ever since I was little (and yes I was reading adult novels at a young age) the thought of reading more than one book at a time was daunting, and for whatever reason I associated reading one book in a series with having to read them all. This presented many issues for me. Just to set the record straight, I have read several series before, and undoubtedly some were better than others. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I realized that I was reading to the end of a series mostly because I’m not one to quit before I’ve finished something. Some stories are great as stand alone titles and that is OK as well.

As a writer, I understand that there comes a time when you can get so sick of the manuscript you are writing that you need to just close the file and call it a day. If your planned nine book series becomes a trilogy then that is alright as well.

It is OK to not want to continue a story.

I’ve definitely seen this drop in motivation within the writing near the end of some of my favourite series. It might not be intentional, but sometimes it just comes through. That is why when I began taking writing seriously and took the steps to map out what I wanted to create I was determined to make sure the quality of my work didn’t fade out like that. That is why my stories are structured as they are: stand alone tales sharing the same world. Is this a series? To me it isn’t. There will always be a new protagonist and a new struggle to overcome.

The events of all three of my stories (Violent Skies, Urban Heroes, and Gunmetal Greys) are stand alone arcs that occur at the exact same time. That is intentional. I want to create a variety of perspectives in one setting. Last week someone asked me if we will see [insert character name] again in a future book because they were their favourite. We could, we may, I don’t know. I’m not one to look too far ahead. I’m just writing stories. The characters will take us where they want to. By structuring my books this way I always give myself an out because lets face it, there are some writers who hate the characters they have created, but still write their stories out of a sense of obligation.

That is why if someone ever asks about my “series” I always smile, clear my throat, and proceed to tell them about my “stories.”


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