Integrating Mindfulness

Over the last few months I have found myself examining my own writing process to see if there are areas in which I can improve productivity without raising my stress level. It makes little sense to be busier if it will have a negative impact on my health. I have come across a concept which I rather enjoy and have been experimenting with before starting my morning writing sessions.


Now, I’ve never been one for meditating, but lately I’ve been seeing the benefits. As a result I’ve started to integrate it into my writing process.

Lately my morning has been looking like this:

  • Wake Up
  • Make Breakfast
  • Pour Beverage
  • Put My Phone On Silent (and stow away somewhere out of reach)
  • Breathing and Mindfulness (no more than a few minutes)
  • Put On Noise Reducing Headphones (without music)
  • Write (usually this is a continuation of my current project)

Mindfulness is a great help in returning me to my “default mode.” I’ve seen quite a bit of improvement with just this simple exercise. Let me just specify, if I say default mode what I mean is the state of mind where one can just peacefully take in what is around them and then move forward without having their thoughts constantly racing. I find that taking those few minutes is helpful in the long run.

I am still fairly new to utilizing this in my writing process, but it seems to be helping thus far.

I am curious. Do you use mindfulness as part of your process? If not then how do you return to your “default mode” before you write?


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